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Bexel TSS Monitors – Pre-Owned Equipment

Bexel TSS is known for being the go-to resource for competitive pricing on new and used broadcast video and professional audio equipment.

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing or have any questions regarding the items listed. All Gear is subject to Availability.

  • Ruige TL-S700HD (C) Professional 7.0-inch LCD Monitor

  • Sony LMD-2050W 20″ LCD HD Monitor

  • Sony PremierPro SDM-P234 DVI Monitor with HD-SDI Processor

  • Wohler MPEG-4290 Dual 9″ LCD MPEG Rackmount Video Monitor

  • Wohler RM-3270W-HD Dual 7.0″ Widscreen LCD Video Monitor

  • Wohler RMT-200-HD LCD Monitor