Evertz XE8-128×128 Xenon Router Frame

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PLEASE NOTE: Product is used, and comes with a three-day inspection period. Picture shown is for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to condition, visible wear, and accessories shown. Please call to verify item for sale.

The Xenon allows any mix of formats within a frame in independent blocks of 32 inputs or outputs. Any of the supported formats, 3G/HD/SD/AES/Analog, can be expanded to fill an entire 128×128 frame. Additionally the Xenon supports optical routing from 3Mb/s to 3Gb/s in blocks of 32 inputs or outputs. The Xenon is housed in a 8RU frame, switching up to 128 sources to 128 destinations.

  • Multiple signal formats within a single frame
  • Optional output reclocking in blocks of 8 outputs
  • All outputs can switch in one TV frame
  • Dual reference inputs
  • Advanced audio features including Soft Switching
  • Dolby-E™ signal compatible
  • Redundant internal controllers
  • Q-Link, Ethernet and RS-485 control interfaces
  • Deterministic switching
  • SNMP and system monitoring
  • Powerful and intuitive WinSetup Software
  • Clean switch option (SPT Module)