Marshall V-LCD651ST-HDMI-SL 6.5″ on Camera Monitor

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Marshall V-LCD651ST-HDMI-SL monitor’s ability to produce perfectly exposed images even in bright sunlight and other adverse lighting situations. All this thanks to its use of advanced Super Transflective technology, a process that effectively boosts the monitor’s backlight function while blocking incoming light. You’ll also appreciate the monitor’s versatile power options, giving you the ability to plug in an external power supply or you can slap on one of your camcorder batteries you happen to have lying around. With all these attributes, the V-LCD651ST-HDMI-SL compact and lightweight monitor offers the perfect alternative to the small viewfinder and often inadequate flip-out monitor found on most of today’s cameras.

Optimized For Outdoor Productions

By incorporating Super Transflective technology, a process that allows maximum backlight pass through while rejecting incoming light, this monitor is able to produce beautifully defined images, with high contrast and a wider viewing angle, even in high ambient lighting conditions such as when shooting bright outdoor scenes.