Marshall V-LCD70P-HDA-VM 7″ HDA on Camera Monitor

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The Marshall V-LCD70P-HDA-VM is a 7″ LCD field monitor designed to be both durable and lightweight. The monitor is equipped with a high resolution panel that provides exceptional clarity in virtually any HD production. Both general framing and focus-checking is a breeze!

This model comes equipped with analog inputs (component/composite). This model has a V-Mount battery mount attached to the rear of the unit, making it easy to integrate into an existing inventory of IDX equipment.

Marshall’s Professional Details
Marshall Electronics builds their LCDs for professional applications and convenient, user friendly operation. In addition to its high quality image, the display will accept both composite and component video signals.
Automatic NTSC or PAL Recognition
The V-LCD70P-HDA-VM accepts both NTSC and PAL standard signals. Conveniently, the monitor automatically detects which standard it is being fed without having to push a button, flip a switch or access a menu option.